Strength Training Program (ebook)

Product Description

Paleogenics® 14-Week Strength Training Program will transform your body with intensive core weight training, activity-based exercise, and post-activity calisthenics. A perfect complement to your body building effort.

Build superior functional strength, muscle mass, and chiseled definition with select compound super-set movements that will simultaneously develop explosive power, endurance, and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Use the 10-Step Meal Replacement Process to re-balance your caloric intake with a combination of low-glycemic super foods that will satisfy you and fuel your workouts. Get the quick meals, snacks, and shakes guide to eat paleo on-the-go!

The book includes instructions and tools to support your 14-week program.

Ebook Format: Digital Download

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    What's Inside

    • - 14-week strength training workout routine with exercise illustrations
    • - 10-Step Meal Replacement Process & Simple Portion Control Guides
    • - Paleo Shopping Checklists and Quick Meals, Snacks & Shakes Recipes
    • - Fast Paleo Preparation Techniques & Tips for Eating in Restaurants
    • - Fitness Activity Tracker
    • - Max Weight Worksheet
    • - Meal Replacement Organizer