Aquatic Fitness Program (ebook)

Product Description

Paleogenics® 14-Week Aquatic Fitness Program will transform your body with low-impact aerobic swimming, activity-based fitness, and post-activity calisthenics. A perfect plan to reduce compression on the joints and spine.

Build superior muscle endurance and strength, improve your physique, and better control your weight with an all new integrated approach to aquatic-based exercise and select cross-cardio fitness activities. 

Use the 10-Step Meal Replacement Process to re-balance your caloric intake with a combination of low-glycemic super foods that will satisfy you and fuel your workouts. Get the quick meals, snacks, and shakes guide to eat paleo on-the-go!

The book includes instructions and tools to support your 14-week program. 

Ebook Format: Digital Download

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      What's Inside

    • 14-week Aquatic Fitness workout routine with exercise illustrations
    • 10-Step Meal Replacement Process & Simple Portion Control Guides
    • Paleo Shopping Checklists and Quick Meals, Snacks & Shakes Recipes
    • Fast Paleo Preparation Techniques & Tips for Eating in Restaurants
    • Fitness Activity Tracker
    • Meal Replacement Organizer

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