Our philosophy is simple:

“Find what works for you and build on it."

Our step-by-step guidelines will help you slowly transform your body through paleo-based fitness, powerful low-glycemic super-food recipes, and a new attitude. Make realistic long-lasting changes that will change your life!

"Would you rather lose 30 pounds and gain it back, or lose 20 pounds and keep it off?"


  • Shop for high quality paleo foods and ingredients.
  • Prepare quick paleo meals, snacks and shakes to carry in your purse or briefcase. 
  • Exercise with your choice of fitness to ensure your transformation success.

Traditional programs advertise "big gains," "amazing changes," and "drastic results." Deep inside, we all know these claims are difficult to achieve. We want to lose weight … we will try anything … and many times we fail…

Paleogenics® takes a different approach to making permanent lifestyle changes!

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