Work Life Balance

These days everyone must find time for Work. Family. And, Self. Unfortunately, there is often no room on your planner for health and fitness activities. Worse yet, we are forced to eat fast food while we often work through lunch to meet ever-increasing demands, and deadlines, and we never have time to get the gym.

Paleogenics® fitness programs are designed to help you re-design your diet to complement your busy schedule and find fast-effective fitness that works for you. We show you how to make paleo style meals, snacks, and shakes using simple ingredients that can be found in your local grocery store. We also show you how to survive those group lunches that leave you stuffed and bloated for the rest of the day, with our tips and tricks for eating in restaurants.

Best of all we show you how to incorporate exercise that works best for you with our customizable paleo fitness program formats that include activity-based exercise that burns visceral fat at a higher rate to help you lose weight, and the latest body weight movements to create lean body mass, and core musculoskeletal strength.

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