Three Fundamental Fitness Principles

Paleogenics® Fitness Programs are designed with three fundamental fitness principles. Natural body movement is first and foremost. Paleogenics® has developed an all new integrated approach to body transformation that fits your personable needs and capabilities to achieve realistic results that can be maintained over time and achieve permanent lifestyle changes.

Our fitness programs take the variety of Paleolithic diet and exercise techniques available today, and puts them into one consolidated format and regimen for the user.

Each program we sell contains three parts:

1) CARDIOVASCULAR BASED FITNESS to strengthen the heart and reduce the accumulation of visceral fat.

2) CUSTOMIZABLE FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE that meets your individual needs and capabilities to achieve realistic results and permanent lifestyle changes.

3) POST-ACTIVITY CALISTHENICS that emulate the movements of the hunter gatherer to reinforce core muscular strength and provide prehab exercise.

Paleogenics® aims to solve the inherent problem in today’s society where our daily schedules do not include physical exercise, and we rarely have the time to learn how to properly stay fit.



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