The Silent Pandemic: Flavored Foods and Beverages

When was the last time you supersized a chicken cutlet, a side of greens, and glass of water? Well I think we already know the answer. The issue here is that our normal eating patterns have been exploited by delivered unhealthy levels of salt, sugar, dyes, and preservatives in almost every bite that we take during the course of day.

Think about how much extra fluid we jam into our vascular systems in the name of flavor. We all love the taste of fruit punch, soda, and sweet tea. However, we forget that this is causing us to sometimes take in not only more fluid than we need, but all of the other harmful additives that go along with these beverages.

What can we do? Start taking charge of your life. Pack your own foods and beverages throughout the day. Your body will slowly get used to it, and it won’t seem like a chore. Paleogenics diet and exercise publications show you how to do this with quick and easy meal combinations for when you are on the go.

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