Low-Glycemic Superfoods

Low-glycemic super foods that contain less naturally occurring sugar can be very beneficial to weight loss and weight control because they will not raise your blood glucose as much as other alternatives with greater amounts of sugar in them. Folks don’t realize that even though they can lose weight through dieting, the process of weight gain constantly starts over again as soon as their blood sugar spikes from food containing high amounts of sugar. So, just because you worked hard to lose 10 pounds doesn’t mean you can eat certain foods without immediately re-starting the process of gaining weight again.

This is why the Paleogenics® Body Transformation Fitness Program Series teaches our clients how to make permanent lifestyle changes to keep the weight off for good. Even with small amounts of exercise one can maintain their new weight by removing the foods that are potentially causing the problem. Let us show you how to rebuild your diet with our simple to understand paleo-based 10-step meal replacement process designed to transform your existing diet into a primal eating pattern. 

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