Five Advantages of Cardiovascular Based Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise has long been known to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat and tone the body. Many exercise programs try to focus on some of the styles of this type of exercise but sometimes fail to provide something for everybody.

The key lesson from the Paleogenics® way of exercise is that you must find the type of cardio that works for you. No matter what type of exercise that you enjoy most you must include these kinds of workouts in your plan.

Some of the basic advantages are:

  1. You don’t need to be a member of a gym or purchase any fancy equipment.
  2. You are not forced to work out at any particular time or place or do you need any specific accommodations.
  3. You can choose from a variety of cardio based exercises (e.g., bike, hike, power walk, swim, dance, and aerobics, running, jogging, jumping rope, jumping jacks, gardening or even cleaning the house).
  4. Depending on what type of cardio based exercise you engage in, you can greatly reduce the stress on your joints and spine when exercising.
  5. Cardiovascular exercise has the potential to help you burn a greater amount of calories in a shorter period of time than traditional strength and resistance training.

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