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The Silent Pandemic: Flavored Foods and Beverages

When was the last time you supersized a chicken cutlet, a side of greens, and glass of water? Well I think we already know the answer. The issue here is that our normal eating patterns have been exploited by delivered unhealthy levels of salt, sugar, dyes, and preservatives in almost every bite that we take during the course of day. Think about how much extra fluid we jam into our vascular systems in the name of flavor. We all love the taste of fruit punch, soda, and sweet tea. However, we forget that this is causing us to sometimes take in not only more fluid than we need, but all of the other harmful additives that go along with these...

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Work Life Balance

These days everyone must find time for Work. Family. And, Self. Unfortunately, there is often no room on your planner for health and fitness activities. Worse yet, we are forced to eat fast food while we often work through lunch to meet ever-increasing demands, and deadlines, and we never have time to get the gym. Paleogenics® fitness programs are designed to help you re-design your diet to complement your busy schedule and find fast-effective fitness that works for you. We show you how to make paleo style meals, snacks, and shakes using simple ingredients that can be found in your local grocery store. We also show you how to survive those group lunches that leave you stuffed and bloated for...

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What is Paleogenics?

Paleogenics® has created 4 all-new paleo-based fitness programs that allow you to benefit from cross-cardio activity, your choice of core exercise, and post-activity calisthenics that emulate the movements of the hunter-gatherer. Develop functional strength, build lean muscle, and lose weight. Check out our specialized program formats: Cross Training, Strength Training, Aquatic Fitness, and Lifestyle Fitness. Checkout out our paleo fitness program series at https://www.paleogenics.com/collections/fitness-programs  Use promo code: GETPGX for 10% OFF #paleofitness #paleodiet #paleoeating #primalmovement

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What is the Paleogenic Diet?

The Paleogenics Diet is a way of eating that includes only foods that come in their natural form to give the user the benefit of certain nutrients and caloric control. If you cannot find it crawling around on your stomach, by climbing a tree, or catching it fresh from the water; you should not eat it. Paleogenics® health and fitness programs are designed to solve the often asked question, “How do I eat paleo during my busy day?" The answers to this and many other questions like these can be found in every publication we offer inside our diet and exercise program series. Check out our website and use promo code: GETPGX for a 10% discount. www.paleogenics.com/paleofitnessprograms   #paleodiet #paleofitness...

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What is Paleo Fitness?

Paleo fitness incorporates a unified combination of activity-based exercise and functional movement aimed to emulate the daily physical activities of our ancestors. Research shows this type of fitness increases the proportion of lean muscle, effectively reduces visceral fat accumulation, and maintains a higher level of cardiovascular health in the individuals who engage in it. High-rep multi-set movements were often required for everyday living during the Paleolithic period; as well as in current less modernized communities. Early humans engaged in activities that required cardiorespiratory fitness, and long-range muscle endurance. These routines expended large amounts of energy daily, and forged great musculoskeletal strength. #paleofitness #paleoworkouts #paleoexercise

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