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We are the next generation of applied weight loss science. 
Keep your new size and shape permanently with the first ever paleo fitness programs.
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What is Paleogenics?

Food + Fitness

Paleogenics® is the first paleo-based body transformation program series available on the market today. Our program options for fast, effective exercise are designed to provide the type of deep, consistent conditioning needed to boost your metabolism, build lean muscle, tone your body, and manage your weight. All of our programs are customizable to fit your specific needs and fit your busy schedule.


Food + Fitness

Our powerful low-glycemic super-food combinations will satisfy you, burn fat, and fuel your workouts. Discover the latest replacements for grain-based breads, wraps, pitas, cookies, muffins, taco shells, cereal, pancakes, pizza, pasta, and more! Learn convenient junk and processed food removal techniques, prepare paleo-style meals, snacks and shakes to carry in your purse or briefcase. Use our tricks for eating paleo "On-the-Go."

Smoothie Bowl

Is This a Low or No Carb Diet?

No Way!

Low or no carbohydrate diets can be disastrous for those who wish to build lean muscle mass, effectively burn fat, and maintain proper energy levels. For those who train, meals that include high-quality carbs are essential*. 

You will lose more body fat, make bigger muscle gains, and achieve faster recovery by eating a diet that includes adequate carbohydrates*. We show you how to create meals with clean protein, unprocessed carbohydrates, and natural fats that will nourish your body and support your transformation!

Check out our fitness programs and nutrition guides to make Paleogenics® a part of your life!

What About My Favorite Foods?

You don't have to give them up.

We show you how to make "healthier" versions of your favorite foods through our 10-Step Meal Replacement Guide™ and fast preparation techniques. We show you how to gather and prepare natural ingredients to make delicious paleo-style meals, shakes, and snacks in just minutes! Solve one of the most essential pieces to the weight-loss puzzle by learning how to gather ingredients and quickly prepare nutritious paleo foods for when you are "On-the-Go!"

Our Fitness Cookbook & Snack Guide is the perfect complement to all our fitness programs. FREE DOWNLOAD

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products sold on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not make any changes to your diet or to the way that you exercise without the approval of your medical doctor.

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